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Phone: +46722110812

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About me
I'm a guy with a great love and passion for design. I strive to be the best teammate I can be and dedicate myself to my craft. I thrive in a dedicated work environment with imaginative and interesting people. Currently residing in southern Sweden, Malmö with my partner and cat. I come from a small family and grew up in Gothenburg. I spent a lot of my youth playing video games and using my creativity to create things both virtual and in real life. This is what inspired me to become a Level Designer and put me on the path to make this portfolio! Other than video games i love to travel and experience different cultures, meeting new people and discovering new places.

My work experience is vast and diverse. I've worked as a Level Design intern, in retail, as a substitute teacher, beachguard and some different odd-jobs. I'm educated in both Level Design and Game Development from The Game Assembly and Malmö University.

Thank you for your time,

hope to hear from you soon!

/Axel Ahlkvist

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